You should let your boyfriend dress you.

Updated: Nov 22, 2017

How often do you ask your significant other how you look? How often do they respond with yeah you look fine? Do you prefer the truth or would prefer to be oblivious to what they person you love really thinks?

Enough with the social acceptance of all shapes and sizes and more of the truth between lovers.

My partner is honest, sometimes brutally honest, sometimes I get hurt, but not how he says it. He is kind in his words but what you want to hear always is.....I am gorgeous in his eyes.

I have been banging on in my most recent posts about beauty and youth. #Fashion is simply another stem to which we feel good or not in our own skin. As a woman I have started to notice a trend. We dress for women we are on show for others in the community. This is not an issue. I am not for feminism and wear what you want etc. I believe women should dress appropriately for their body shape, size and age.

My partner is very fashion forward, has a style which I somewhat am similar to and knows exactly what he likes. Have you shopped with your partner? Have you ever let them dress you? I have found that when I do let my other half take the fashion reigns I am never disappointed. Understated is a key word that comes to mind. I find that I always look very sleek and elegant.

I was talking to client of mine and she has noticed change in her own fashion style. When we are single we want to attract a certain type of person. we wear revealing clothes to do this. Now shes opting for more conservative attire. Why? because now she has to think about herself and her partner. I have so much respect for this. Why show off your best assets to everyone when you really should keep it between you and your partner.

On another note, I might open myself up to criticism but I worry for girls of the #generationz how far will women go before they are walking around with no clothes on at all. We are in charge, we have all the power, giving men everything isn't the answer. They wont like you more, in many cases much less. Respect for yourself is so important and know how much you are worth. Because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself first.

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