My eye your eye.

Ever looked in the mirror and thought damn, I wish I had beautiful eyes like those of the likes of Charlese Theron, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox and just think why not me! I know I do! Every woman wants what we don’t have, for me it was always curly blonde hair and green eyes. Go figure, right? I am a straight jet-black hair (natural dark brown) with dark brown eyes. But the buck doesn’t stop there. I not only envied the beautiful color of these celebrities but the physical shape too. As a woman with what I used define as ugly eyes, my eyes have a specific shape. I have what is known as the “Down Turned Eye” much to my dismay I have battled with this for many many years. Eye-make up was always difficult, not realizing at the time all those years of shimmer an

d light colors on my eyes-only emphasis the droop on the end of my eyes making me look super tired. Do I need eye surgery to fix this, GOD NO! And here is why....

When you think of Marylin Monroe and Katie Holmes what do they have in common? These two women are beautiful! yes! these two women also possess the down-turned eye shape. Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes, Marylin Monroe alone was the sex kitten of our century. Immediately I feel better about my brown eyes, but here is ladies you can change the shape of your eye just by knowing what type you have and what lash style best suits your eyes.

​The evolution of eyelash extensions over the past ten years has been astounding. My first lash pair were applied by my aunt. She came over to Australia for my bachelor’s degree graduation and she had just begun her lash career. They were beautiful, I was glamorous, C-Curl, Synthetic, 0.2mm and long as all hell! I still use the picture in many of my profiles because I love it so much. I have always always been a lash fan, oh how times have changed. Now I am a technician just like my aunt and plan to share the love with every woman you can feel beautiful too.

I have a girlfriend of mine, she is so very supportive, let me practice on her. Her knowledge of lashes was limited which I think for beginners is a very good thing. It’s hard enough attaching a single extension to a natural lash without feeling the pressure of a client whose expectations are far too high (speaking from personal experience). First set was bumpy, too heavy for her hooded eyes and thinner lashes. Because here’s the thing babes, were all so different but give everyone a chance to sparkle and they will. Not every woman has the perfect Angelina Jolie almond eyes, but we can feel just as beautiful when wake up and look in the mirror every day.

People will have an opinion, they always do, but what matter's is how you feel. For every set of lashes I see a smile on women's faces that tell me they are happy. When you wake up in the morning and see what a difference it makes to your face and mind i get happy. There is nothing wrong with that. Whether it be all out glamour, volume, cat-eye or just a little more natural, a lash technician who cares about your final look and what you are trying to achieve will go a long way. Try it out, look around, try and never fear that everything will fall apart. Go for it babes


mwah xoxo

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