Mount Gravatt Marketta

How many times have you gone out for dinner and been disappointed with the menu options, or what you were served was not what you imagined? This happens to me all the time. I get so frustrated that it makes me not want to go out and eat. I am a grazer and I never order the yummiest dish, unfortunately for my partner he is always sharing his food with me.

"The Marketta is a nice relaxed south Brissy food market offering an array of street food to satisfy all your tastes in low key style."

This may sound ridiculous but nothing beats delicious, affordable and freshly cooked food and casual clothes! I still love my fine dining and restaurant nights out, however lazy summer Saturday nights with a few girlfriends can't go past the Marketta. They have a different band each time I go and they really create a lovely community atmosphere.

In classic style I pick myself a beer from the bar to kick off the evening and take seat near the band. It is so refreshing to have live music.

"My beer of choice is too easy with a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. On those hot summer days I always reach for the cold beer"

I have a deep connection to delicious beer. I find its easy enough to have and not feel too uncomfortable walking around a market with a beer in the hand. Whilst I do love a vino, something about drinking out of plastic tiny wine glasses doesn't cut the mustard.

Entree; I love love love Viet food. Its fresh and flavorsome which is exactly what this entree was for me. Bo La Lota - Marinated beef in bay leaves | $3.50. Full of beautiful herbs and spices and lovely beef, this store actually offered tasting. Shows the power of your own tastebuds.

Main; I have become a little obsessed with this dish since trying it for the first time. Its almost like gozleme and pide mixed together like a pizza. Transylvanian cheese pie | $7.00 , this particular one has dill, chives, cheese topped with sour creme, garlic and shallots. Its so amazing..... I didn't share..... I enjoy watching how all the different nations create completely different dishes using the same basic equipment. These pies are hand kneaded, rolled, filled and finally cooked on a bbq. So simple, I love it.

Dessert; I don't apologise for Churros. You should never apologise for churros. They are delicious, especially with nutella drizzled all over them. I attempted to make these for my partners birthday dinner once. Its safe to say I did not make them correctly. They were more like rolled up uncooked donuts, not crispy like Barcelona Churros - The "Nutella" | $16.00. Crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside and you won't feel cheated by the serving size.

The overall atmosphere of the Marketta is great, the local community vibe is a nice change to the big city just a number feel I am used to.

If you don't know what you are after and want a low key spot to eat, I suggest the Marketta for your Saturday night din dins.

mwah xx

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