Less trout more goldfish please; a girls quest for a natural looking pout.

I am suffering from a major case of lip envy. It seems every corner I turn I am confronted by pillows of lips. My eyes are bouncing from one girls well-endowed lip cushions to another ladies extended pout puppies that would make Daffy Duck take notes.

Another trend kudos to the Kardashians. Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? Willingly injuring ourselves through medieval torture devices to suck our pouts out? Yeah about THAT …I was told putting cayenne pepper on my lips would achieve the same luscious look. Let me tell you, Emergency room visits with a suspected pepper allergy is the wrong kinda hot. I am however anticipating Kylie to embrace the food belly as I think I would be the poster girl for that one but in the meanwhile it’s time for the entry of my peanut butter/ice cream loving mouth to have a makeover since alas I can’t sew it shut. Let’s make my food hole beautiful!

Enter the now mainstream world of fillers. It’s not just a celebrity secret anymore but rather an Instagram necessity. There are many types of dermal fillers that can be injected around your mouth but the most popular are ‘hyaluronic acid fillers’ you may have heard of Restylane and Juvéderm to name a few.

Other fillers contain calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), polycaprolactone (Ellansé) and poly L lactic acid (Sculptra) but hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance which acts like an inflated cushion when it is injected, supporting facial structures and tissues that have lost volume as we age. Gravity, it seems, is not our ally. Sounding safe enough I was curious to know more. I booked in to have a chat with two well-known cosmetic clinics.

First stop, a trendy little boutique store tucked away in an affluent Brisbane suburb. I chose this place due to the extravagant pricing, I concluded it would mean they’re more experienced. As I enter a flute of sparkling is thrust into my eager hand generously filled to the brim. Soft delicate notes of jasmine linger in the air courtesy of the fresh bouquets adorning the entrance and I can hear the faint melodic sounds of jazz music in the distance. I eye the vast array of Belgian chocolates and macaroons generously sprawled out on reception desk. My yearning for food belly to be the next Kylie Jenner challenge overwhelms me again as my mouth waters. Finally, I sit adjacent to the nurse (who obviously doesn’t partake in the delicious goodness as the fleshiest things on her are her lips and boy, ‘fleshy’, is an understatement)… I’m a religious watcher of reality shows...no judgement please…I swear I had seen this particular lady on ‘Botched’, you know, the surgery gone wrong show where everyone resembles an exotic cat. This is exactly what I don’t want. I don’t want to look like a caricature, I prefer understated. I decided that I would need more than this glass of champagne to undergo fillers here so I politely thanked but no thanks ‘Miss lips’ and ran out (slightly tipsy) amongst surprised indignant wails of ‘but daaahling more is more!’ to my next appointment.


Being a plastic surgeons office, I am comforted by the experienced nurse who greets me with a warm luscious smile courtesy of an expert application of Juvéderm ultra I am told. I want her lips. The right kind of enhanced without the trout pout. It’s extremely important to choose an experienced injector who understands that less is more, the structures around the lips including veins and arteries that should be avoided. Symmetry is key here ladies. I decide to go ahead and my mouth is cleansed, biscuit remnants gone (what?! Those macaroons at the last joint were too tempting) and numbing cream is applied. I feel my lips fluff up and I have trouble speaking. A tip for anyone considering this, do not attempt conversation with the numbing cream on. I swallowed some and my throat began to go numb and tongue started to swell it was a very strange sensation so I grab the nurses hand gesturing to my throat, my eyes wide. The nurse laughs and assures me that this was indeed normal and kindly suggests that I relax. I pretend to relax and await anxiously for the scary ass needle. I have a high pain threshold so although it did sting it wasn’t a horrific experience akin to the movies SAW and HOSTEL (I have an overactive imagination and penchant for horror movies) … 15 minutes later I am handed a mirror and am alarmingly greeted with engorged lips. The poor nurse assures me (again) that the swelling could last up to 2 days but usually goes down by 24 hours. I am a tad self-conscious as I leave the clinic and I feel that my lips are 5 metres in front. That I am not a proper human girl but lips with legs. The self-consciousness dissipates along with my swollen lips by the next afternoon. I actually find that I miss them. I do notice that I have 50 odd pictures on my iPhone with me attempting sultry come hither looks and duck face. It was a rite of passage. They will NEVER see the light.

My lips now look soft as a cloud and are the perfect amount of enhanced. I was told this would last for approximately 6 months in accordance with my metabolism (hey, considering the slowness of that I may have it for longer) but again, I was comforted by the fact that fillers are reversible and temporary. Would I get this done gain? A big fat injectable HELL YES!

Kelz Belz x

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