Grand opening party? Wine not?!

When I received the invite for the grand opening of Midnight bella lashes and tanning I was beyond thrilled. I’ll explain why... I tend to not get invited anywhere, friends assume that I won’t attend coz well… 🤷‍♀️ #introverting… HOWEVER I’m a beauty junkie. I’m basically an addict but for skin treatments,makeup and fluffy lashes. THIS is my hard drug. My happy pill and my intravenous pleasure trip. At a bar (on a rare night out) I calculate drinks and food in lash and tanning money. One vodka and soda, $10 you say?? … that’s half a freaking tan! Do I want to glow up or do I want to look worse for wear? Well, it's obvious what I choose.

Besides, Ella along with Jess are kinda a big deal. If you have had the pleasure of being blessed by these lash & tan fairies, you’d know it and look freaking amazing too! If you are awkward when it comes to receiving compliments (A.K.A me) don’t even think about coming here as you’ll receive PLENTY.

For example, random stranger:

Girl, those lashes look hot where did you get them?Me: *beetroot red* (unless I’m tanned) “Good morning, you too” #awkward

You know how you go somewhere for a service and you feel as if you’re taking up their time or the service is uncomfortable? That shit's not normal ladies. I see you girls, all red eyed and bleary having been repeatedly STABBED in the eye! Your man thinks you’ve been crying, you nod, but the truth is you don’t want him to know how much you spent getting your lashes that he doesn’t even notice! He also suspects that you’re suffering from jaundice, from being all yellow, maybe even contracted hepatitis from cheating with multiple partners and unsavoury behaviours due to that horrendous spray tan you’re sporting with the incorrect base colour. WORRY NO MORE LADIES! I too went through all that until the fateful day I met this superstar team. I basically pay for them to be my friend now. If my lashes retain and I can’t see them for another week, I have an overwhelming urge to pull them off scrub off my tan with sandpaper so I can swing by for ‘maintenance’ (stalker much?) I need to bore the girls with my week of debauchery and what I ate for lunch (ice cream der).

Get pampered by the Midnight Bella fairies !

It’s also freaking fantastic that the amazing Angel Aesthetics clinic has combined with the Midnight Bella crew as now I get to annoy the hell out of the beautiful Nurse Sylvia. You won’t suffer from those uneven bruised pout puppies or permanent startled expression here ladies. She’s so knowledgeable and gentle with her treatments… she pampers you so that you feel like you’re in a luxurious spa that you’d no way afford IRL venture out a bit plumper (in a good way, not McNuggets food baby after a night out way) from all her collagen inducing skin treatments. And hey, she does fillers too and again, I get it … you don’t want your man to notice…. but I guarantee that you will not look ridiculously over done (unless you want to of course) …men don’t notice much but we are working on a list of excuses to explain those gorgeous cheekbones that you suddenly have:

1. I lost weight as you have neglected all those romantic dinners you used to take me on

2. My lips have blown up in sympathy as you haven’t kissed them lately

3. I got hit in the face by someone who said I need a new LV designer bag

4. Someone hit me as I have an LV designer bag (I need another)

5. I’ve been crying

6. ‘Women’s problems’ (you won’t get any follow up questions after that)

7. In all honesty, in real life…guys are programmed not to notice so don’t overthink it…

Bae, this is a list of neglect which requires me to seek solitude in Midnight Bella services

Anyway, the grand opening…what a night! The energy was fantastic, staff and clientele all a reflection of this beautiful hard-earned brand. Gorgeous girls everywhere indulging in the generous amount of yummy food and drinks. All the sleepless nights and the blood sweat and tears put into their salon shows. If you were lucky enough to attend, grab a goody bag and be in the presence of the talented and downright sexy samba dancers, you would have also witnessed the speeches that were extremely honest and humble …smiles and tears all very genuine. A true speech has wit, seriousness and emotion combined. Nailed it! These girls are an inspiration, making dreams a reality and supporting other women in business constantly. In a world where everyone competes with each other it’s extremely refreshing to witness this now near rare phenomenon of girls supporting girls. I’m just enamoured by the love they give their clients, always stating that they’re the reason for their success.

I get the purpose of this article is to provide a run down of my experience with this event but unfortunately due to my overindulgence in food and alcohol along with my excitement, my memory is fairly limited, so I will fondly supply photos which remind me that this fantastic event actually happened and wasn’t a figment of my overactive imagination. There is more to come, this passion project has only just begun. The girls have also added training classes to their ever growing list of services! I personally can’t wait to see what the future brings for Midnight Bella. Congratulations ladies!

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