Fresh hair, new you.

For as long as I can remember a visit to the hairdresser would cost me $200 plus AUD. Now, for those of you who don't know, I have jet black hair. Jet, Black, Hair. One colour all over, and a nice cut to go with it. Literally $229 AUD and I would pay it without a blink of the eye. This was ten years ago, I was a mere 21yo and had disposable income to burn, or I didn't but it did not matter I did it anyway.

In comes the era of packet dye and yearly cuts because I couldn't justify the money, plus who has 6hrs spare to sit in a salon whilst one hairdresser colour's your hair, then a different hairdresser to cut it, a junior to wash it and blow wave. That is a lot of employees all working on you with a lot of disconnect. Personally I would prefer one hairdresser for the entire "experience" as I have heard some salon owners describe it. '

Don't get me wrong I really do love getting my hair done. It makes you feel fresh, that bounce that your hair gets after it has been cut and blow waved. I can totally understand why many beautiful working women get a wash and blow dry once a week. I know some women who don't actually wash their own hair? Now at first I'm thinking what, how do you not wash your own hair? Turns out their hair is suitable for once a week wash.

I'm one of those lucky ones, you know the ones that the hairdresser always always always say's "omg your hair is so thick". Its great, I mean who doesn't love a compliment. Anyway, off topic.

Finding the right hairdresser is hard. I have had my fair share of duds, I think in total about 15 hairdressers over 15years. Loyalty is something I never really had for them. Recently I have learnt a few things about these hairdressers. Qualifications that take years to achieve, over worked and underpaid. Salon owner expectations to work because they love the salon? So now I feel sorry for those hairdressers who work through the apprentice wages and get themselves fully qualified. Tough gig, I watch the few hairdressers I do know move from salon to salon. It seems to me that its very similar to hospitality with constant change and fall outs with employers.

I have attempted to colour my hair and go all out, this usually was straight after a break up and I "needed" a new do to match my new life. Rhi Rhi red, you know the colour I'm talking about. "Only Girl In the world". Funnily enough the lyrics had some meaning to me at the time to, which is probably why I wanted it.

Enter Stevie English Hair - now, I do have to put a warning up... I know my hair is black, I knew it wouldn't go well, but girlfriend!!! I hadn't been packet dying yet and It was BAD. I'm talking devastatingly bad, I walked out of the salon with Ronald Macdonald orange. It's so hard, when you read quotes on their website for head colouring director being a world artist and educator not to get upset. I was beyond any kind of emotion and I had no one to blame but myself. The poor salon offered to fix it and dye it back to dark, but I was too distraught, like why would I want to come back? hahaha Whats worse is I loved that salon, so funky and cool. the hair washing room had this beautiful wall paper on the roof and old vintage style pictures on the walls. (2012 I would guess is when this horrendous idea to go red occurred) So thats when the packet black started. I don't hate myself because I'm lucky my hair seems to bounce back.

Whether you are looking for an experience or a cheap cut, whilst you are sitting in the chair, take a moment to think of how much that girl/guy has sacrificed to complete her apprenticeship to stand on her feet all day and cut hair.

All I wish is that someone said to me what my hairdresser @missbeccijae told me.

"Girl you can not have that. It will damage your hair, get a wig"

Get a damn wig! hahahahaha

mwah xx

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