Don’t be a dirty girl; Lash tips

Eyelash extensions make me feel like a Princess.

A Disney princess whom upon waking up to the delightful chirps of the morning bird folk flutters her eyelashes rejoicing that they feel like the soft caressing wings of a butterfly. That’s right folks, to the sound of the BIRDS, no alarm needed as I can sleep in!

There is no daily effort in applying tedious mascara or eyeliner as my eyes are popping and flawless already. I have more time for my breakfasteses.

You read that right. I can now have a motherfucking BUFFET.

Long gone are the days of rushing out the door, coffee dripping onto my white shirt, hurriedly packed 'nutrition' bar and unappetising apple rolling around unhappily in my bag. It’s now freshly brewed espresso via my lovely, albeit, slow coffee machine... pancakes and whatever else my greedy heart desires.

Lashes = Sleep ins

I take my sweet ass time ladies.

The usual impolite choruses of ‘You look tired’ at the office or at the bottle shop checkout after work cease.

Instead, I’m greeted with coos of: ‘Had a good night, eh?'

‘Wink, wink nudge, nudge’ due to me being all bright eyed and bushy tailed…

And apparently very satisfied looking?

Anyway, as usual... I digress. The point of this article is to spread some knowledge about caring for your fluffers. When I first began my addiction, I panicked when I lost a lash, therefore neglected brushing them. I’d be still as a statue cursing the wind if it blew my way. However, now that I’m not an amateur and a full-blown lash addict…I know better! Everyone loses up to 21 lashes a week. When your natural lash sheds, you’re going to shed the extension along with it.

Stop. Freaking. Out.

Just follow my guide and I guarantee that your lash game will be strong (and hygienic) AF

Protect your investment: Important Aftercare Tips I Have Learnt:

You can still wear makeup and wash your face BUT no oils please as they break down the adhesive. Midnight Bella stock an eyelash cleanser that works wonders and retains your lashes. It’s imperative that you keep them clean and gently detangle them with a mascara wand daily.

  • The first 24 hours… yes … sounds like a crime scene, but it doesn’t have to be! Just avoid moisture as water or steam can loosen the adhesive. So, anything that makes you break a sweat, avoid it for this short period of time and chillax Max.

  • Don’t use oils near your eyelashes Find an oil-free and gentle product that you can use whilst wearing eye makeup. Avoid cotton pads and makeup remover wipes around the eyes as your lashes could get caught and pulled.

  • We know they look great but avoid touching your lashes as much as possible because your fingers contain natural oils and bacteria.

  • Don’t use waterproof mascara/eyeliner with your lashes. Gel, powdered or water-based eyeliner is ideal. Globs of unwashed mascara the tips of your lashes are not only gross but can attract mites or bacteria. With or without lash extensions. But waterproof is as clingy as your ex BF's new GF.

  • Don’t rub. Your eyes. The rubbing action could damage your extensions and natural lashes. Avoid people who make you rub your eyes (or cry) life advice is always thoughtfully included by the Midnight Bella staff during your appointment

  • Brush lashes daily with your cute mascara wand generously supplied by Midnight Bella. Again, don’t stress if some lashes fall out. Your eyelashes shed so it’s your natural cycle. Circle of life. Just let it be.

  • Clean your lashes! You don’t want build-up of nasties on your pleasantries. Use a gentle cleansing agent like Midnight Bella’s foam, or wash under the shower with diluted baby shampoo. This is the most important step. Even though I harp on about not rubbing them, you won’t damage them by keeping them clean…in fact, it will lengthen their life span and avoid bacterial infections!

  • For best results book your infill for 2-3 weeks’ time. Arrive on time and feel free to nap to energise you for the influx of invites and compliments that you will get after your refill.

The rule of thumb for eyelash extensions is the less you mess with them, the better and longer they are going to stay.

Applies to most things in life really.

Bey knows whats up. It's not waterproof but stay away from the boys that make you cry!

. ​

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