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An all day breakfast is just what the doctor orders on a casual weekend morning. My partner is home and we have not made it out of bed just quite yet. Even though we went out for breakfast we both ended up with lunch ironically.

I have been to Coopers cafe & catering previously and I did enjoy it which is precisely why I suggested it for breakfast (lunch). The cafe is situated right on Manly across from the ocean. I miss this most about Sydney so it is really nice to come to the sea and just be near it.

Something about being near the water is relaxing and brings out the joy in me.

First impressions; as mentioned I have been here previously. I loved the vibe, my bulldogs Dudley & Sophie were with us so it's important that where we eat allow for them to sit with us. Recently the cafe had lost a few tables due to the council regulations, I overheard who I believe to be the manager maybe telling other patrons. Such a bummer since they lost so many seats because of it.

Cafes in Brisbane I have found are less of customer service based, waitresses/waiters taking your order seems to be a thing of the past. It saddens me as I would always appreciate the smaller things you get with great customer service. Any who, ordering at the counter and collecting your own water and or soft drink is what is expected here.

Meal options; This might sound odd, but if a breakfast cafe has Egg's Benedict I usually order it. I have ordered egg benny here in the past and it was delicious. Big breakfast's should be a Sunday morning ritual. I'm still on the fence as to whether my partner is a breaky man or not.... we ordered burgers.

How important to you is a GOOD, not burnt, cup of coffee? I am a coffee lover. The price of coffee has sky rocketed and safe to say this

Large Skim Latte in a mug was on point!

I had two, I was buzzing by the end of the meal. Coffee is such an important factor to a successful cafe in my opinion. without a great barista, I simply would not offer coffee.

Food options; We are meat eaters, all types. Chicken Burger | $18.50 for me and a Beef Burger | $19.50 for my other half. I have to honestly say that the bread was stale, it was Brioche Bread and toasted to what we felt was to conceal the stale. My burger outside of this would have been really nice. The menu was incorrect but that didn't bother me, it was a chicken burger and I like a surprise (only a good one) I was annoyed that the bread was stale.

In the case of the beef burger my partner ordered, if you need a stick to hold the burger together I think it too big. I don't know anyone with a mouth large enough to even take a bite of this burger. I watched my partner dissect his burger and eat it bit by bit. Too much going on his is meal, too much sauce that it dripped out the sides, the patty could have been flatter to make it more of a patty and less of a rissole.

Service; Great service from the woman who I believe was the manager, staff at the counter could have taken less time talking to each other to serve me especially considering customers are expected to collect their own soft drinks yet pay a premium price? Just food for thought.

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