Brooklyn Depot Kitchen & Brew

Sydney siders are spoilt with choices of restuarants, cafes and burger joints. Every second week a new foodie hot spot would open up and unfortunately many would close down too. My old neighbourhood you would walk ten metres and a new spot would open up. I miss it.... Since moving to Brisbane you notice a dramatic difference between cities. Predominately many Brissy locals aren't consumed with the most recently opened cafe or restuarant. As I see it, correct me if I am wrong, we tend to eat at home especially if it rains.

Anywho, recently my sister and her partner visited from Melbourne, foodies unite and its all

systems good following all the latest instafood, food bloggers of Brissy. She didn't search in the GC. #BrooklynDepot Kitchen & Brew. Cute affiliation with the USA and their southern style of eating which has emerged and everyone is on board that gravy train.

First impressions; great! Waiting to be seated standing next to a vintage gas pump. Already I like the vibe this place is giving.

Menu options; If you are looking for a clean meal, you are most definately in the wrong place!! Make it your cheatmeal, sit down and enjoy the smaller things in life. Don't miss out on 95% of your life just to weigh 5% less

With all that is to offer in a venue this one has it all. Burgers, american style snacks, the beer and cider on tap is usually all Australian and I was delightfully suprised when I saw even tap beer was the all American. Whilst the classic Sam Adams beer isn't my favourite and in this hot climate I am most likely to order a delicious crisp cider in the scortching Gold Coast heat.

Drinks; Pressmans Apple Cider was what I settled on, delcicious crisp flavour, sweet but not so sweet like a #Rekorderlig Cider. This particular cider was even enjoyed by my darling sister who is not a beer/cider drinker. I call that a win.

Meal; Chicky Babe Burger. I couldn't put my finger on it but there was something in this burger that didn't sit right with my sister and I. (we ordered the same dish) The coleslaw was nice, not too much mayo. Usually a massive lover of buttermilk battered chicken, but on this occasion we weren't a fan. My brother in law feasted on the Brookyln Classic and Depot 'crib' Salad. Which I must say he throughly enjoyed.

Service; I am so criticial of service standards, coming from a strong background of hospitality with many many years managing small and large teams. I do judge immediately on the staff. I must say they were delightful. Everyone who came to the table were polite and smiled which is super important to overall satisfaction.

As I am far from a food critic I be so prosumpious as to rate this restuarant or any other but I thought yes i would totally go back. Try a different dish and enjoy that cool cider again.

mwah xx

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