Bougee on a budget; a girls guide to discounted beauty services in Brisbane

How do those girls do it? You know the ones! Sooo damn fancy....nails done, hair done everything BIG….

Who else feels like they can’t afford life at the moment let alone hair extensions? *gingerly raises hand*

I’m tremendously upset about it tbh...

Adulting. What the fuck is that? I still feel like a child playing dress ups minus the designer branding that I so desperately crave and deserve. Unfortunately for me I have to be savvy about my spending #YAWN For I, own fur babies (cute money drainers) and need copious amounts of ‘food’ (ice cream) and alcohol to function.

With this in mind I have gone ahead and researched a few ways us ladies with champagne taste on a beer budget can still be bougee. Coz, well, sharing is caring bad bitches.


MY poor unfortunate humidity heat affected hair…

My skin is as thirsty as Jess from MAFS seeking hydration...

My eagle like talons are begging for that manicure...

The list, unfortunately is as long as my future husbands dong…

Thank you, beauty/diet culture, for depleting my wallet and self-esteem … JOKES…I actually look upon the following as self-care and as you ladies know self-care is absofuckinglutely essential #pamperthyself

self explanatory

So... first off, I’m waltzing into Mecca Maxima to get a makeover, it’s redeemable on products and due to my therapy consisting solely of retail (for the moment) essentially that is FREE! And boy, do I love freebies. Pro Tip: Prior leaving the store, ask for samples. Thankfully the girls there are not only extremely talented but are insanely generous aswell and you usually leave with a goodie bag filled to the brim of expensive goodness! #winning

Walking out of MECCA like Bey #hairflip

HOWEVER, if you’re looking for an EVEN CHEAPER makeover (I’m talking $5 ladies) hit up makeup schools and ask to be a model. Links will be generously provided below. Looooove.

Next, I have purchased a pedicure/manicure combo from Groupon. That site is ideal as it has cost me next to nothing AND I had a 10 percent off coupon applied! A nifty app to have installed whilst making purchases is called ‘honey’ , this little app automatically scans the web for discount codes and applies them in the checkout. Simples.

Another handy bargain tip for insanely affordable beauty treatments is to contact local TAFES and Beauty Schools to ask when they need models…. emerging stylists and beauty therapists are always on the lookout for peeps and sometimes you even get these services complimentary. Services include facials, massage, laser hair removal, nails and hair….

C’mon who can afford an $80 blow dry weekly?

Stuff you if you can. #Jelly

Also, most of the popular training salons have their price list on their website which I will list amongst others at the end of this blog for you guys to hit up. You will save a pretty penny, I assure you.

Livin' my best life


Brisbane school of hairdressing - (07) 3229 2999

Matters in Gray hair student salon – (07) 33496538

Hair and beauty:

Voucher deal sites:!/?page=10

Massage Student Clinics:

(Facebook and Gumtree often have salons advertising for hair and beauty models, check regularly in your area!)

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