Beef-eye-fillet. How to quit your job like a boss.

So, if you’re anything like me and currently working in a job that you just sorta ‘fell’ into, in some random industry that you had never even thought of working in before, straight out of high school, you would think, “ok, cool now I can afford vodka to get shit faced with on the weekend,” not just passion pop or UDL’s. Expensive employed grade alcohol.

At work like: 'How may I help you?!'

Fast forward some 10 years later and it’s kind of just worked for you in some weird way until now. I left my cushy insurance job with fun people, free Friday beers and working from home benefits for a promise of bigger and better things in a financial planning firm. But it all went downhill from there. It’s been 1 year & 3 months since I regrettably took that job in hopes of a career and furthering my education. BUT my soul slowly started to die and if I wasn’t crying or feeling mentally drained I would tell myself things like ‘I have a career and long-term benefits if I stay here, it will be fine just get through it day by day” OR maybe even this “I feel like I’m in a dungeon and all the other employees are dragons”.

Actual footage working with my ex colleagues

Let me paint you a mental picture of the office that I have 8 days left of working in. 5 people running in and out of a mouse sized room, no natural light, divided into sections or squares where we stare at a computer screen or 2 grey dividing walls. The aircon is too cold, you have no friends and it’s frowned upon should you leave the office for a walk or dare have lunch away from your desk.

Look, I could go on and on. My point is that if you’re stuck in a job that zaps your personality or your confidence it is time to make a change.

Office feels

Now, let me rewind to 2 years ago when I first went to Bella for my lashes. Bella was working from home back then and after my second visit we realised that she knew my sister! Such a small world. From then on, I spent 12 months pondering whether I could possibly do lashes myself. Entertaining the idea further, November last year I decided to buy my first beginners lash kit & practiced on my sister (my poor sister!) I didn’t have a beauty bed for at least 2 months so she endured a lot of neck pain & even more lash stickies. Eventually my mum had the balls to get hers done & the rest is history; they’ve both been addicted to lash extensions ever since. Slowly I began offering lash services to family & friends from home but never thought I could give up the security of my day job, even though I hated it.

Reference photo of my lash guinea pigs (family)

I saw Bella post an ad for a position available in June at the Midnight Bella salon but it wasn’t until I realised that I was really sick of doing the same old boring shit, being treated poorly, city traffic & a few mental breakdowns that I totally deserved more, I deserved happiness and I wanted job flexibility, fun, learning & support… all of these thoughts lead to me randomly messaging Bella & I did my first trial that very night.

The past 3 weeks I have been working night shifts at the salon & am totally loving it – all the kind, funny, outrageous people that come through those salon doors make every day just that little bit better. I had intended to work in the financial planning firm a little longer, until one day, my boss called a meeting saying he’d like to discuss the future of the business, but in reality, he just belittled me for over an hour and then proceeded to tell me that made him feel better. I had enough. My step mum who’s in HR wrote my resignation letter & both her & my boyfriend urged me to quit that day. Monday rolled around & I started vomiting in my mouth just slightly out of anxiety and fear but as of 2.30pm I told my boss how terrible he made me feel and that I am resigning. The funniest part is that Bella had predicated I would be in the Salon mid-August… she really should start psychic readings to coincide with her lash service! To wrap it up, I feel extremely lucky to be working with such awesome people who have given me the confidence to jump into the beauty world.

I foresee you'll look great after visiting MidnightBella!

So, if you’re still wondering how to quit your job like a boss? It’s simple, YOU JUST HAVE TO QUIT, which is often the hardest part. If I can do it, so can YOU!

Management looking for my secret files #beefeyefillet

P.S when I was writing this blog, I named it “Beef Eye Fillet” in case my work went through my folders they would think this document was a cooking recipe. LOL.

P.P.S I look forward to meeting all of you #Bellalashqueens over the coming weeks and months

Tess x

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