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Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Took the first moment to myself this afternoon to catch up with a girlfriend of mine for a coffee which turned into sneaky wine on a casual Monday afternoon. Yes I meant to say Monday.

I have lacked inspiration and motivation to move my business forward. Constantly working IN the business not ON the business. I think this is due to the over whelming desire to appease everyone and my initial reason in starting my business was to open up my time to enjoy the freedom to do many things. Time is something you can never get back and I always want to make the most of my own time.

Motivation Mondays now seem more appealing to me. How I can get motivated for the week ahead, not only in my business but my health/fitness and personal life. Enter Jenni Walke from #Elephantintheroomconsulting, very close friend of mine and very inspirational to me, I'm not sure if she knows or not just how much I value our conversations on business and development. After this post I believe she will. Conversing with friends who care deeply for you shows in the advice given and the ideas that are thrown around to develop and grow yourself and your life. Now granted Jenni's primary mission is business development so yes, this is super helpful with discussing development and goals. However, the main thing I take from her is support, love and inspiration to keep moving forward.

" My Mission is to help people and their business to live their true purpose and to help them grow"

The moment I stop aspiring to achieve more is the second my business will become stagnant. My general nature is competitive and driven, what I struggle with is putting everything into motion. I am what I can only describe as a competitive organizer. I love to organize, and then beat how I organized. Shocking cycle to be in. The other end of the spectrum is constant doer. I am trying to spend more time to be inspired by the things I love and I feel it is the very thing that helps me stay ahead of the game for my business.

I am inspired by my clients, the positive energy they have and it is the most infectious vibe. I am constantly grateful for the life I lead and just how lucky I am. Forever grateful to the people around me.

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