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Beauty is something I have struggled with in my life. Right now I am 31 and over this past year it's like a lighting bolt has struck me, and not it the good way. You turn thirty and suddenly your face looks different. Not plump like it used too. Your forehead has a massive crease in it. You look at a picture you took and NO amount of filter or face tuning is going to turn back the clock. Below is the photo that I keep for reference of my old face and when I am complete you will see the new.

So far I have had dysport in that MASSIVE crease in my forehead and frown line. That was quite the experience. Funnily enough I actually went in to get quoted on tear duct fillers... I have worked in night shift most of my adult life and it has taken its toll on me. The nurse convinced me to start with th forehead. For $285 I had 75 injections (for lack of better words) and I almost fainted. My sugar levels dropped and I had a red jellybean and I was good to go. I've also had 1ml of lip fillers I went to an amazing salon in Capalaba with an amazing reputation Injex Clinics. I was recommended them by my eyebrow tattoo artist Etch Artisan and Nurse Hannah was just the best experience I could ever ask for with a first time lip fill!

Why am I telling you this, well I'm only human. This is my journey to beauty. If the Karadashians can do we can too. So i'm taking you one my journey. Its going to be tough. I've decided to FINALLY turn my life around and actually taking the plunge into change both mentally, physically and financially. New business venture, fitness goals and mental wellness is really my key to life. Hopefully whatever hurdles I have and show may help you overcome your own struggles.

Mwah xx

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