Activewear or loungeunderwear?

Lounge Underwear, Its one of the newest underwear/active wear ranges available online. Stunning advertising and instagram images of beautiful models like Belle Lucia has littered our social media. My facebook has the habit of showing me the hottest new sports wear brands enticing me to buy. Thanks facebook.... I have to say I was won over by #loungeunderwear when they had a great promo and I picked up this black and white set for a mere $60 AUD (delivery included). That seeme

Speak up before its too late.

Women of all ages are still women. Its our time to shine, we are always so concerned with what to say and do around others let this online space be a place that you can come and vent, laugh, join in others successes or just relax and read what others are doing in my new favourite little lash community. Sign up and have your say, good or bad I want to hear your thoughts on anything I post or write your own post x #dream #chat #believe #honest #truth #joinnow #midnightbella #la