Activewear or loungeunderwear?

Lounge Underwear, Its one of the newest underwear/active wear ranges available online. Stunning advertising and instagram images of beautiful models like Belle Lucia has littered our social media. My facebook has the habit of showing me the hottest new sports wear brands enticing me to buy. Thanks facebook.... I have to say I was won over by #loungeunderwear when they had a great promo and I picked up this black and white set for a mere $60 AUD (delivery included). That seeme

You should let your boyfriend dress you.

How often do you ask your significant other how you look? How often do they respond with yeah you look fine? Do you prefer the truth or would prefer to be oblivious to what they person you love really thinks? Enough with the social acceptance of all shapes and sizes and more of the truth between lovers. My partner is honest, sometimes brutally honest, sometimes I get hurt, but not how he says it. He is kind in his words but what you want to hear always is.....I am gorgeous in