Less trout more goldfish please; a girls quest for a natural looking pout.

I am suffering from a major case of lip envy. It seems every corner I turn I am confronted by pillows of lips. My eyes are bouncing from one girls well-endowed lip cushions to another ladies extended pout puppies that would make Daffy Duck take notes. Another trend kudos to the Kardashians. Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? Willingly injuring ourselves through medieval torture devices to suck our pouts out? Yeah about THAT …I was told putting cayenne pepper on my lips

Mount Gravatt Marketta

How many times have you gone out for dinner and been disappointed with the menu options, or what you were served was not what you imagined? This happens to me all the time. I get so frustrated that it makes me not want to go out and eat. I am a grazer and I never order the yummiest dish, unfortunately for my partner he is always sharing his food with me. "The Marketta is a nice relaxed south Brissy food market offering an array of street food to satisfy all your tastes in lo

Activewear or loungeunderwear?

Lounge Underwear, Its one of the newest underwear/active wear ranges available online. Stunning advertising and instagram images of beautiful models like Belle Lucia has littered our social media. My facebook has the habit of showing me the hottest new sports wear brands enticing me to buy. Thanks facebook.... I have to say I was won over by #loungeunderwear when they had a great promo and I picked up this black and white set for a mere $60 AUD (delivery included). That seeme

My eye your eye.

Ever looked in the mirror and thought damn, I wish I had beautiful eyes like those of the likes of Charlese Theron, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox and just think why not me! I know I do! Every woman wants what we don’t have, for me it was always curly blonde hair and green eyes. Go figure, right? I am a straight jet-black hair (natural dark brown) with dark brown eyes. But the buck doesn’t stop there. I not only envied the beautiful color of these celebrities but the physical s